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FAQ for Wine Water & Wonders of New York State 2020-21

Q: What is WWW?

A: WWW is a New York-based (not for profit) 501c6 destination marketing company, providing partnership opportunities that advance the WWW brand and increase international awareness and business potential for its members.

Q: Why should our destination, region or company join WWW?

A: Our founding partners have already invested more than $1.5M in the WWW brand. This is your chance to leverage our years of investment. Marketing internationally can be costly and confusing. WWW has representation and experience in-market that can help increase visibility o your destination and tour products to clients and consumers which would be unobtainable on your own. By investing in WWW, you are immediately part of an international network with a program manager working on your behalf.

Q: How does WWW work with ILOVENY?

A: WWW complements the work of ILOVENY. WWW has designed its marketing plans to support the sales and marketing activities set forth by ILOVENY. However, WWW has branched into some markets currently not being pursued by ILOVENY, such as France, and is seen as a leader in that market.

Q: How much will it cost to join WWW in 2020?

A: Level-1 Membership starts at $7,500, with a 2-year commitment totaling $15,000. As it takes time to develop international business and execute marketing plans, a minimum commitment of 2-years is required. There is a total of (10) Level-1 memberships available.

Premium level partnership buy-in is $25,000 per year with a 2-year commitment totaling $50,000. Premier level members receive additional benefits and there is a total of (3) premier memberships available.

Q: Can I join as a single TPA/CVB?

A: Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend a regional buy-in as it leverages your ability to be part of a more clearly defined product as sen from the international client or consumer perspective. And we know that visitors make choices about visiting destinations based on regional attributes, experiences and attractions.

Q: What has WWW already accomplished?

A: Having hired a professional research company, WWW first measured success based on increased awareness, through multiple annual surveys, with international travel trade. The brand has executed robust marketing plans targeting the UK, Germany, France, China and Australia. Press trips, tour operator FAMS, sales missions, targeted tour package promotions, increased tour operator product, consumer shows and tour operator staff trainings, are just some of our previous activities. In-country reps have provided WWW deeper engagement and visibility in those markets.

Have additional questions?

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WWW participation in 2020-21 is limited to 10 members and 3 partners. Registration and payment must be received by March 31, 2020.

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