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Discover Long Island

Long Island played a pivotal role in the lives of two of America’s best-known presidents, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt. Explore the Culper Spy Ring on the North Shore to see how General George Washington along with some Long Island residents helped take down the occupying British forces. Then travel the trail Washington took as he thanked the local patriot spies for helping him win the Revolutionary War. Fast forward nearly 150 years and experience the opulence and grandeur of Gatsby-era gold coast mansions.

Points of Interest

Oheka Castle emanates the elegant refinement of a French chateaux coupled with world-class service and a rich history that is distinctly American.

Travel back in time 1778 where a group of Long Island patriots formed the Culper Spy Ring to help General George Washington win the Revolutionary War.

Explore the birthplace of America’s greatest poet, Walt Whitman, view original artifacts and authentic furnishings, and see the unusual architecture that served as inspiration.