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Visit Ithaca

Ithaca is a hub of local restaurants, farmers markets, accommodations and agritourism events in the community.  Here you will find a multitude of opportunities to experience and learn about our local food resources and gain an appreciation of our commitment to all things local, homegrown and deliciously handmade.  Ithaca’s culinary experiences connect you with farms, local producers, restaurants, and more. 

Points of Interest

The Ithaca Farmers Market provides a dazzling array of produce, meat, dairy products, and specialty items like honey, soaps, and textiles produced by local farm businesses. Rich with agricultural history and innovation, thanks in part to our proximity to and relationship with Cornell University, the Ithaca Farmers Market is overflowing with natural culinary bounties, from local wines, to produce, to creameries that make cheese right on the farm.  Many of these farms are small-scale and family-owned and are taking huge steps towards fostering a sustainable food network here in Ithaca. 

RoseBarb Farm is your “home on the farm” showcasing a unique farm getaway surrounded by majestic hillside views, located on a quiet country road. Relax poolside or on a horse drawn wagon ride. Perfect for a family, couple or individual retreat.  Experience first-hand farm life along-side chicken coops, livestock, and growing produce.

Hazelnut Kitchen on Main Street in Trumansburg, is based off of two straightforward philosophies – a casual, but elegant dining atmosphere, and simple, delicious food made with the best ingredients available. Their menu is short but packs a flavorful punch with recipes that are unpretentious.  Embracing the farm to table dining movement, they source their ingredients locally to bring the farm right to your fork!