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Corning Museum of Glass

Art Enthusiasts
Glass is both a challenging and magical medium for artistic expression. Making glass requires years of dedicated practice, the intense heat of the hot shop creates a dramatic working environment—and yet the possibilities of this material are seemingly endless. The dichotomy between the fragile nature of glass and the big, bold ideas being generated in it is one that’s explored in the Contemporary Art + Design Galleries of The Corning Museum of Glass—the world’s preeminent space for exploring the best in glass today.

Points of Interest

Inspiration from History’s Artists
Our galleries are full of rich and amazing artistry from across time and place. From Lalique to Tiffany, our masterpieces represent some of the finest examples of glass anywhere in the world. Be dazzled by the work of the Venetian maestros, the Roman glassblowers, and the Crystal City’s own glass cutters.

Artistry in Action
You’ll be inspired by our incredible team of artists who shape molten glass into both functional and whimsical objects before your eyes during our Hot Glass Demos. Watch as they twist and shape molten glass into intricate and fanciful objects.

Make Your Own Glass
Try your hand at glassmaking during a 40-minute Make Your Own Glass experience, where you can do everything from blow a glass ornament to fuse a picture frame. You may even want to take a weekend workshop or weeklong class to delve more deeply into a particular glassmaking style.