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Niagara Falls USA

In Niagara Falls USA, there’s just as much artistic beauty as there is natural beauty. From regional art centers and colorful public murals to incredible concerts and theater productions at some of the area’s top venues—the region offers a vibrant palette of attractions for every type of art enthusiast.

Points of Interest

Located on the scenic campus of Niagara University, Castellani Art Museum is the region’s flagship cultural destination, hosting more than 5,000 artworks. Wander its galleries and view everything from historic folk to contemporary art, including well-known artists such as Picasso, Dali, Warhol and many others.

Perched high above the Niagara Gorge in Lewiston, NY is Artpark, a cultural institution and state park. Offering a variety of indoor and outdoor venues, here you can enjoy musical theater productions, concerts and festivals.

The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center (NACC) is home to more than 75 artists and art groups. Experience the “Freedom Crossing: The Underground Railroad in Greater Niagara” exhibit, depicting the people, places and events of the Underground Railroad Movement.