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Hudson Valley

When Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon upriver in 1609, he was the first in a long list of remarkable people— presidents, inventors and industrialists, military and religious leaders, activists, artists, and authors – who shaped the history of the Hudson Valley and the United States. More than four centuries of history live on in significant sites and museums open to the public, from the commanding United States Military Academy at West Point to the fabulous Great Estates.

Points of Interest

Journey into the heart of American history and military tradition. Nestled on the scenic Hudson River, West Point offers a unique blend of heritage, education, and breathtaking landscapes. Don’t miss the inspiring West Point Museum, housing artifacts that narrate the academy's rich past. Explore the site of one of the last Revolutionary War battles at Stony Point Battlefield. Featuring a museum, reenactments, cannon and musket firings, cooking demonstrations, and children's activities, it is also home to the 1826 Stony Point Lighthouse – the Hudson River’s oldest.

The Hudson River Maritime Museum is an education hub and dynamic working waterfront with an extensive collection of maritime artifacts and historic vessels. Visitors can partake in Wooden Boat School to explore woodworking, boatbuilding and hand crafts or enroll in Sailing School. The museum operates and provides tours to the Rondout Lighthouse— the last of three lighthouses marking the entrance to the Rondout Creek.

Marvel at Kykuit, the hilltop paradise home to four generations of Rockefellers, starting with Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, once the richest man in America. Explore the main rooms of the six-story stone house and visit the cavernous Coach Barn, with its collections of classic cars and horse-drawn carriages. You’ll find priceless artworks ranging from Picasso to Warhol among Kykuit’s treasures. Then stroll the expansive, terraced gardens containing Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller’s exceptional collection of 20th-century sculpture.