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The Corning Museum of Glasss

Nestled in the Finger Lakes Wine Country of Upstate New York amidst cascading waterfalls and dazzling glacially carved lakes, The Corning Museum of Glass celebrates a material hotter than volcanic lava. Wander through our collections spanning 35 centuries of glass art, history, and science and marvel at the amazing things humans have done with hot sand. Watch our artists shape and sculpt hot glass before your eyes and be inspired to try it yourself. Through a Make Your Own Glass experience, you’ll work with a material hotter than volcanic lava to create a delicate work of art.

Points of Interest

Nature in Glass

From botanical-inspired objects, to glass animals, and even glass created by nature itself, The Corning Museum of Glass is filled with works of art to delight and inspire every nature lover.

Harnessing the Power of Molten Glass

It’s an impressive thing to watch a glassmaker shape a material hotter than volcanic lava. Our artists bring glass to life before your eyes all day every day through live, narrated demonstrations.

You’ll Be Blown Away

If you’re a fan of competition reality shows, make sure to watch our amazing glassmakers on Netflix’s Blown Away! Then come to the Museum, watch them make glass in person, and see objects that were created on the show.